Ron Mansfield
Thanks for visiting. Over the years I have been a consultant, instructor, and freelance writer.  I am lucky enough to have been published in eighteen countries, in more than a dozen languages, with over two-million copies of my award-winning computer books in print. 

I've recently joined the fantastic crew at 
Famous Software LLC in Fresno, CA. It's the big dog in accounting and management information systems for the fresh produce industry. 'Very much on the cutting edge of RFID technology, food safety, EDI/XML code... It's an interesting place to work--full of very bright, friendly folks. After completely revamping the website I'm helping create new marketing material, white papers, videos, training tools and more. 

When time permits I also enjoy restoring, buying, and trading collectible electronics from the fifties and sixties. I run a site for collectors. It's a hit, approaching  two million page visits.  Please take a moment to visit Besides research material, links to transistor radio collections and experts, you will find an active and informative message board, and other ways for enthusiasts to connect.

This site ( is primarily a placehoder for some e-mail accounts.